How much money does it cost to change a name ?


Costs for a name change vary in each state and not all state within a country chc

There are several ways to change a name.

Keep in mind that, you should include the fees of an attorney if you choose to hire an attorney.

Depending on where you live and which process you follow to change your name ,changing  your name varies in cost.

Some name changes does not cost anything, but in court legally changing your name costs mon8.

But many people change their names for less money what you would expect.

How to change your name for free ?

Most of the people change their names when they get married or divorced.In some states, people can list their desired name on the marriage license when they get married.The only cost is the licence fee.

You can choose the last name of your partner, a hyphenated name or you can combine both last names.

You will need a court order to create a combination name in some states.Where as in others you can legally list the combination name on your marriage license.

You can ask the court to change your name in case of diverse proceeding.

Similarly  a man may remove the middle name if he took his wife’s maiden name as his middle name.

During a divorce,ask the judge to change your name in the divorce order, which doesn’t cost extra.

Not all courts accept name changes for men,but it is expected that some states will allow that soon.

During adoption proceedings, an adopted child usually get a new name without having to file a separate petition for name change.

Other fees apply to divorce and adoption cases such as filling egal fees, changing your adopted child’s name or your name occurs as a result of your request to the judge. 

There is no need to file a separate name changes petition in these situations. 

Fees involved to change a Name 

Depending on your state, changing a name costs anywhere from under $100 to more than $500.

In many country fees vary in each states, therefore check with your local representative or district court clerk.

Many states until now have fees well under $100.The more crowded states have higher cost ranges from  $120 to more than  $500. 

The exception is Gulf States, which are at the high end of the spectrum.

If you hire an attorney, you have to pay legal fees. To do your country’s forms for you you can also use an online legal service.

Other fees include money for :

Certified copies of your court order fingerprint cards, which Texas and other states use.

Background Checks –

In some states publishing your name change in a local news paper.

In some states miscellaneous court costs are established by the state and country.

It is a good idea to get a few certified copies of your court order as you will have to show them to various agencies and companies.

Changing your name is often easy, but it is more complicated in some states than in others.

You can hire a family attorney, if you feel uncomfortable in doing a name change and can afford the cost.

Make sure to ask the attorney how much money their services cost and how much your country charges for a name change.

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